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Blessings to all,

I just read the Financial Prosperity article and it was a blessing. I totally agree with the points that were made. The church in a sense has made God to be a spritual Santa Claus or Genie in a lamp.  Following Christ and a fat pocket do not go hand in hand.  At the same time, I don't dare attempt to put God in a box, He can bless someone financially if He chooses but we're not to seek him specifically for that.  Sure, we should definitely seek Him for our needs (food, shelter, clothing--adequate but not gourmet, mansions, or designer).  I'd be lying if I said that we don't need money in order to function because it costs money in order to pay rent, utilities, etc but that should NEVER be the focus.  God fed Elijah with a brook and some birds how much more us if we only trust and believe and seek His presence and not His presents.  God bless!

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